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2022 TJUS Prospectus for International Students

2022 TJUS Prospectus for International Students

2022 TJUS Prospectus for International Students

. Profile

Tianjin University of Sport (TJUS), founded in August 1958, is a leading multidisciplinary institute with health and human sciences as the predominant discipline. TJUS, now, consists of 18 undergraduate programs in such six disciplines as Pedagogy, Management, Literature, Art, Science and Medicine. July 2013 witnessed the approval of our doctor program by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council of China, shaping a complete training system. More than 30,000 talents have been cultivated, who are always welcomed by the society. Among them, there are advanced workers, national physical education teachers, provincial and municipal labor models, national team coaches and gold medal athletes. The school has achieved pioneering work in the fields of mass sports and national fitness, youth physical fitness survey and evaluation, exercise energy metabolism, bone age development standards in China, sports information and sports legal system construction. In the fourth national discipline evaluation in 2017, our school’s first-class discipline of physical education won A-grade, ranking among the top 5% of the national discipline of physical education. In November 2017, the new campus was officially opened, and the current conditions for running the school ranked first among similar colleges and universities in the country. Now we strive to build an internationally renowned, first-class, high-level and distinctive modern university of sport.

The school currently has more than 6,200 full-time students, including 4,910 undergraduates, 1050 postgraduates, 54 doctoral students and 67 international students.

At present, there are 562 teaching staff, 52 full-time teachers with senior professional titles and 94 with deputy senior professional titles. Among the full-time teachers, 86 are doctorates and 175 master’s degrees. There are 1 National Excellent Teaching Team, 13 Tianjin Excellent Teaching Team, 3 Innovative Teaching Team sponsored by Tianjin "Twelfth Five-Year" comprehensive investment planning, 5 experts enjoying special subsidies from the State Council, 1 winner of the National Teacher Award, 8 awarded Tianjin Teacher Award and 14 talents with provincial and ministerial titles. The university currently has 40 doctoral supervisors and 196 master supervisors.

TJUS consists of two campuses, Tuanbo Campus and Hexi Campus, of which Tuanbo Campus covers an area of 183.7 acres. The buildings in Tuanbo Campus have a total construction area of 396,000 square meters, which was put into use in November 2017. TJUS is also home to world class labs such as Psychological and Physiological Regulation of Competitive Sports Key Lab of the General Administration of Sports of China (GASC), Tianjin Key Lab of Sports Physiology and Sports Medicine, GASC Key Research Base of Sports Social Sciences, Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Universities in Tianjin and GASC Sports Culture Research Base. TJUS also hosts a number of provincial and ministerial-level key labs and scientific research units, including the Physical Education Research Center of the Ministry of Education, 14 teaching labs of various types, including 4 municipal experimental teaching demo centers, 1 municipal experimental teaching demo center, 1 municipal simulation experimental teaching center. The total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment reaches over 120 million yuan. Our library, owning 78 databases, covers an area of 14,526 square meters. We possess 14 indoor and outdoor stadiums, including a track and field hall, a natatorium, a tennis hall, a basketball hall, a volleyball hall, a table tennis hall, a badminton hall, dancing halls, martial arts halls, taekwondo halls, Chinese wrestling halls, football fields, a baseball field, social sports training center and a rugby field. The total area of the venues reached 205,804 square meters, including 142,588 square meters of indoor sports venues and 63,216 square meters of outdoor sports venues. The school now has 44 multimedia classrooms with 3432 seats, 3 voice classrooms with 126 seats.

The school has continuously strengthened the central position of teaching work, implemented a series of programs and measures to deepen teaching reform and improve teaching quality, and achieved a number of landmark results. Since 2007, physical education, social sports, and dancing majors have been selected in batches by the Ministry of Education as "Specialty Construction Sites”; in 2011, eight majors including physical education, social sports, dancing, sports rehabilitation and health, education technology, journalism, applied psychology, and marketing, were approved as the brand-based professional construction projects for the "Twelfth Five-Year" comprehensive investment planning of Tianjin colleges and universities, and the two majors of sports training and traditional national sports were approved as majors related to strategic emerging industries. In 2013, the sports human and science major was approved by the Ministry of Education "Undergraduate Teaching Project" as the first batch of undergraduate major comprehensive reform pilots in local colleges and universities, and the special education major was approved as municipal professional comprehensive reform pilots; in 2017, five majors(Physical Education, Sports Training, Social Sports Guidance and Management, Sports and Human ScienceApplied Psychology) were approved as Tianjin’s advantageous specialty construction projects and seven(Martial Arts and Traditional Sports, Dance, Educational Technology, Journalism, Marketing, Special Education, and Sports Rehabilitation) were approved as applied major construction projects in Tianjin. Four majors of Physical Education, Sports Training, Social Sports Guidance and Management and Sports Rehabilitation were recognized as national-level first-class professional construction points respectively, and the three majors of Dance, Special Education and Journalism were recognized as city-level first-rate professional construction points. 2 national quality resource sharing courses, 1 national quality video open course, 4 national quality courses, 8 Tianjin quality courses, 15 Tianjin first-class undergraduate construction courses have been completed. Four experimental teaching centers were awarded the title of "Tianjin General College Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center", and one experimental teaching center was approved as Tianjin Municipal Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center. Six virtual simulation experiment teaching projects were identified as "Tianjin Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Construction Project". Our school’s teaching achievement " Strengthening the Comprehensive Practical Ability of Physical Education Students by Constructing the Practical Teaching Platform of Sports Psychology" won the first prize of the Sixth National Teaching Achievements award of higher education, and 9 achievements won the first, second and third prizes for teaching achievements rewarded by Tianjin and the General Administration of Sports of China respectively. Since 2013, our school’s 115 programs have been authorized by the National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We stay committed to the concept of “health first” and has always been consistently explored in undergraduate teaching, scientific research, and training. We work to take advantageous disciplines as the guide, build characteristic undergraduate professional clusters, and train urgently needed talents for China’s sports and health education. We also adhere to the national strategy of serving “the Belt and Road Initiative” and “Chinese Culture Going Global”. At the same time, we take the lead in setting up the “Martial Arts Culture Experience Base for International Students in Tianjin”. We pay high attention to the cultivation of high-level competitive sports talents. Baseball, rattan ball and other sports are advantageous sports and maintain a high level of competition for a long time in our university. In 2008, TJUS was awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Unit of Beijing Olympics and Paralympics” by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. In April 2014, our school formed Tianjin Rowing Team, Rugby Team, Badminton Team and Sailing Team, which won the excellent results of one gold, two silver and four bronze on behalf of Tianjin in the 13th National Games. At Jakarta Asian Games 2018, our students won three gold medals. We also cooperated with the China Volleyball Association to build the Volleyball Academy of China, with Lang Ping, former coach of the National Women’s Volleyball Team, as its director. In addition, TJUS and Chinese Judo Association jointly build China Judo Academy. It has also jointly established a youth training center with the China Baseball Association to take over the work of the chairman unit of the National School Sports Federation (Football).


. Programs



Materials needed


Bachelor’s Degree

18-35 years old,   with high school education or above and HSK4 certificate

1.Application Form for Foreign Students   to Study in TJUS. Check Annex I for details.

2.Copy of passport (ordinary   passport and valid after April 1, 2023).

3.Physical examination form for   foreigners. The inspection shall be carried out in strict according with the   items required in the form. Missing items, no photo of the person, or no seal   on the photo, no signature or stamp of the doctor or hospital, and the   expiration date (6 months) of the examination shall be deemed invalid. Check   Annex II for details.

4.Certificate of no criminal   record issued by relevant local agencies.

5.The highest academic   certificate. If the applicant is a to-be graduate, he or she must submit a   certificate of expected graduation issued by his or her school. A notarized   Chinese or English translation must be attached to the text if the text is   not Chinese or English.

6.Complete transcript of the   highest academic education. A notarized Chinese or English translation must   be attached to if the text is not Chinese or English.

7.Certificate Photo.

8.Valid transcripts of Hanyu   Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Level 4 and above. (Malaysian independent secondary   school graduates are not required to provide language certificates.)

9.English language certificate   or English transcript.

10.Personal statements.   Including the study and research plan in China, the family’s economic   situation, the reasons for applying for the scholarship, the awards you have   received and your personal expertise, etc. (not less than 800 words).

11.Letter of recommendation.   The phone number and email address of the recommender are attached.   Applicants for master’s or doctor'’ degrees must submit letters of recommendation   from two professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English.

12.Tianjin Municipal Government   Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students. (Students who are willing   to apply for the scholarship should submit the "Tianjin Municipal   Government Scholarship Application Form". Check Annex III for details.)

4 years

Master’s Degree

Under 18-40 years old, with   bachelor’s degree and HSK4 certificate

3-5 years

Doctor’s Degree

Under 45 years old, university   graduate degree, HSK4 certificate

4-6 years

Advanced student

Over 18 years old, with high   school education or above



. Majors


Undergraduate (4 years)

Master’s   degree (3-5 years)

Doctor’s   degree (4-6 years)

School   of Physical Education and Educational Sciences

Physical   Education

Master   of Physical Education (in the field of physical education)

Physical   education and training

Special   Education

Special   pedagogy

Applied   Psychology

Educational   Technology

Vocational   and technical pedagogy

Physical   education and training

School   of Sports Training

Sports   Training

Master   of Physical Education (in the field of sports training)

Physical   Education and Training

Physical   Education and Training

School   of Social Sports and Health Sciences

Rehabilitation   and Health (Medical Major)

Master   of Physical Education (in the field of social sports guidancing)

Sports   Rehabilitation

Exercise   Rehabilitation

Sports   Rehabilitation

Social   Sports

Sports   and Health Management

Sports   and Human Science

School   of Sports Culture

Martial   Arts and Traditional Sports

Ethnic   Traditional Sports


Sports   Dancing


News   and Communication

Preschool   Education

Curriculum   and Teaching Theory

Higher   Education

School   of Sports Economics and Management

Management   of Public Affairs

Sports   Management

Humanistic   sociology of sports

Sports   Economy and Management


School   of Sports and Health

Applied   psychology

Sports   and Human Science

Humanistic   sociology of sports

Humanistic   sociology of sports

Sports   and Human Science

Sports   psychology

For profession details and brief introduction, please refer to WeChat Official Account Foreign Affairs Office of TJUS.


. Campus

TJUS has a beautiful and modern campus with excellent learning and living conditions. The student dormitory is clean, sanitary, safe and convenient. The room is equipped with separate bathrooms, as well as AC (rental), 24-hour hot water, free WIFI on campus (10G per month for undergraduates, 20G for masters and doctoral students, and extra expenses for extra data), network and other equipment.

Tuition fees: 20,000 yuan/year for undergraduates, 30,000 yuan/year for postgraduates and 40,000 yuan/year for doctoral students.

Accommodation: Student dormitory: 600-1200 yuan/person/month (independent toilet, bathroom, and rental air conditioning services.)

Allowances: A certain amount of allowances and comprehensive medical insurance will be provided to students who have won scholarships from Tianjin Municipal Government. The average for doctoral student is 1200 yuan/month, the average for master student is 1100 yuan/month, and the average for undergraduate student is 800 yuan/month.

Tianjin Municipal Government Scholarship: Full Scholarship 34,800 yuan/person/year for undergraduates, 47,800 yuan/person/year for postgraduates and 58,800 yuan/person/year for doctoral students. Apply before the end of May each year.


. Visa


Duration   of Study

Maximum   Duration

Renewal   Times

Requirements   for Physical Examination

Times   of Entries

Extension   Fee (RMB)

Physical examinations Fee (RMB)

X2   Visa

Less   than half a year.

180   days

Once   (within 180 days)

Students should do physical examination in their home   country, and verify the result after entering into China


About   200 yuan

About 600 yuan

X1   Visa

Over   half a year

Students   should apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after arrival in China.


Residence   Permit

Over   one year.

One   year




About   400 yuan

Note: Any change in visa processing information shall be subject to the policy published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.


. Application Process

1. Application Method

Please send the registration materials to fao@tjus.edu.cn

Email should be titled as “name+ Application for studying in China+ School+ Major”.

2. Time

Education   level

Enrollment in   autumn

Enrollment in   spring

Advanced   student

The   application submission period is from now until May 10, 2021.

The   application submission period is from November 16 to December 15th, 2021.


The   application period is from now until May 10, 2021., and the entrance   examination will be held in mid-June (to be determined).

The   application submission time is from November 16th to December 15th, 2021. The   entrance examination will be held at the end of December (to be determined).

Postgraduate   and PhD

The   application time is from now until May 10, 2021., and the entrance   examination will be held in late June (to be determined).

There is no   enrollment in the second semester.



. Admission Information

1. Required materials for admission

1) Admission Letter

2) Application Form for Visa to China for Overseas Students (JW202 or JW201)

3) Physical Examination Report and Test Report (Original Copy)

4) Passports with a validity period of six months or more

5) Original No Crime Certificate

2. Registration

According to the current Chinese education system, a school year is divided into two semesters. The autumn semester starts from the beginning of September to the end of January each year, and the spring semester starts from the end of February to July. Students must register within the time limit stated in the admission notice. According to the regulations of our school, if you cannot get to school on time under special circumstances, you must ask for leave from the Foreign Affairs Office. If you do not go through the registration formalities and do not grant leave within 2 weeks, you will be disqualified from admission.

3. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Entrance Examinations

The School where the students apply for their program will decide the entrance examination arrangement and relevant work rules.


Ⅷ. Contact Information

Address: Foreign Affairs Office of Tianjin University of Sport, No.16 Donghai Road, Tuanbo New Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin

Tel: +86-22-23012186

Fax: +86-22-23012186



WeChat Official Account: 天津体育学院外事办公室


ADD:No.51 Weijin Nan Road. He Xi District Tianjin 300381.P.R.China
TEL:022-23010000 ZIP:300381